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    ~~Work Completed Date: February, 2016                        Description Of Work: Pipe Repair

A pipe burst while we were out of town. Mike Andary returned my call, arrived within a couple of hours, surveyed damage and called me back with an estimate and contacted a restoration company to extract the water. Andary Plumbing was professional, repaired the pipe and went above and beyond in assisting us in repairing other damage caused by the burst pipe. I would highly recommend Andary Plumbing.

~~Work Completed Date: October 1, 2014                         Description Of Work: Sump Pump

"The alarm on our sump pump's battery backup was going off with the message that there had been a failure of the main pump. Mr. Andary came out to check it out and determined that we likely had a leak at the water main on the county's side. He helped me get in touch with BCDES to arrange for them to come and repair it."

Liberty Township, OH 45011

~~Work Completed Date: June 23, 2014                              Description Of Work: Drain Cleaning

"Replaced a water heater that was still under warranty + a couple other parts that weren't under warranty. We've done business with Mike in the past and he has always been very prompt, courteous, and cost effective."

Mason, OH 45040

~~Work Completed Date: July 08, 2013                               Description Of Work: Replaced Sump Pump

"After all the rain on Saturday, I went to the basement to look for something and found water seeping in where the walls and floor meet. It was also coming in where the plumbing is stubbed in for a bathroom. We moved here a month ago so we are still trying to become familiar with the area. I called 4 plumbers and Andary Plumbing was the only one that returned our call. He stopped by in about 15 minutes and was able to get the sump pump running again temporarily. The switch was bad on the pump. The incoming water stopped immediately. He had been replacing sump pumps all day so he didn't have one on the truck. He came back on Monday morning and replaced our sump pump. His work was very good and reasonably priced. We will be using him again if we ever need a plumber."

Hamilton, OH 45011

~~Work Completed Date: November 14, 2012                   Description Of Work: Shower/faucet repairs, sink pipe replacement

"They are really down to earth. They are very knowledgeable. They have an extremely reasonable price. They have a great quality of work, eager to help and get it to you as fast as they could."

Fairfield, OH 45014

~~Work Completed Date: October 19, 2012                      Description Of Work: Replaced water heater and a broken valve

"We discovered Andary Plumbing through our Warranty Company and are so glad we did. We had a leak in the basement and, after he spent a lot of time with us to discover the problem, it turned out it was an ice dam on the roof causing a backup into the house, through the walls, and down the pipes. He even got two other contractors involved to help us (a roofing company that shoveled off our roof for free! and a mold expert company to make sure we didn't have any damage). I couldn't have asked for better service. So, when it came time to replace our water heater (when it leaked) I called Andary. Within 3 hours, I had a new water heater installed."


~~Work Completed Date: June 13, 2012                         Description Of Work: Drainage Problem

I used Andary Plumbing Service Company LLC in June to take care of a drainage problem outside that was backed up.

"They give personal service and I give them A's across the board."

West Chester, OH 45069